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LLeya P. is a women’s clothing brand founded by Catarina Abreu in 2014. Originally from Cape Verde, Catarina grew up assisting her aunts who were seamstresses. Her curiosity about how clothes were made and her diligence in learning to sew inspired her to create her own brand.  In her early teen years, Catarina was already designing and making her own clothing.

The brand name originates from Catarina’s daughter's name - Cattleya Perola. Cattleya is an orchid and P for Perola translates to pearl. This name combination represents classy, eye catching and timeless designs. LLeya P. is a women’s apparel brand that focuses on creating great pieces to make individuals feel chic and classy. When you think of the word bold, we want you to think of LLeya P. 

At LLeya P. she focusses on uniqueness of each individual with that most of our designs are one of a kind. We design from sizes 4-18 however we are welcome to custom design any other sizes.

Her designs embody self-love, confidence, and empowerment and with that LLeya P. mission is to serve and inspire people all over the world through clothing

LLeya P. has been published on magazines over 10 times on Magazines such as Elegance, 6x, Marika, Vous spain, I-fashion, Shuba and many others. We have also done few TV interviews including the recent ones with Nubian TV Network and The New You show.

Catarina has showcased in Boston MA several times, RI at the RIFW fall 2022, Richmond VA at the Winter wonderland 2018 and 2022, NYFW 2018, 2019 and a show in NJ

Catarina latest accomplishments are being able to dress two of the well-known Cape Verdean singer and song writer Assol Garcia and Neusa Depina. In 2017 Catarina created her first wedding gown for a friend and she loved it.

Catarina takes pride in creating her handmade designs so that whoever wears it feel like they are on top of the world.

Be Bold. Be Unique. Be Your Purest Truth. Be LLeya P.

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